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                2019-12-24 22:44:27  每日学英语
                Everything from updating social media to looking for a parking spot takes up some of our precious time. But almost no one knows exactly how much time these little things take up in our lives. And it can be pretty surprising, if not shocking, to see how much time people waste on different activities without even realizing it.



                10. Trying to fall asleep


                Experts calculated that people spend a whole 7 years lying in their beds at night, counting sheep.专家统计,人们会花上七年时间躺在床上数羊。


                9. Searching for a parking spot


                We all enjoy the benefits of having a car until it comes time to find a parking spot. And this activity takes 248 days out of our lives!



                8. Shopping


                An average woman spends about 8.5 years of her life shopping.



                7. Dieting


                For many of us, weight loss is a battle that has no end. And this can be especially true for women. According to research carried out by the Diet Chef, women spend about 17 years of their lives on diets.

                对于我们许多人,减肥是一场永不结束的战斗,尤⌒ 其是对女生而言。根据《饮食大师》的调查,女人通常会花掉人生17年∮的时间在节食上。


                6. Getting ready


                “Aren’t you ready yet?” is the question almost all women have to hear on a daily basis. And studies confirm that men get ready much faster in comparison to women. An average woman spends about 136 days of her life getting ready (and this number doesn’t include 287 more days of trying to pick out the right outfit) while a man needs only 46 days to prepare himself to go out.



                5. Exercising


                We exercise only 1 year and 4 months of our lives.



                4. Screen time


                The average Joe spends about 11 years of their life staring at a screen. Now look again at how much we exercise — maybe that’s why we need to spend about 17 years on dieting!



                3. Sitting down


                If you find out that these days, people sit for about 21 years of their lives, you’ll understand why things like heart attacks or strokes are happening in younger people.



                2. Sitting on the toilet


                It’s said that we sit on toilets about 92 days of our lives.



                1. Waiting in line


                We lose about 235 days of our lives patiently (or impatiently) while waiting in lines.